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Delta House provides Air Conditioning maintenance agreements tailored to your needs based upon your usage, amount of units and types of units including heat pumps systems, heat recovery systems, VRV/VRF systems and many more.

Our preventive maintenance agreements are available for commercial and domestic customers.

With a Delta House Preventative Service & Maintenance agreement you will receive;

  • Regular visits by our well trained engineers
  • Maintenance visits at a time that suits you
  • Thorough inspection of all of your units
  • Air Conditioning service, clean and test
  • Fast call out response for repairs

Whether the Air Conditioning system was installed by us or not, we can still provide you with a preventive maintenance agreement.

Why is Air Conditioning maintenance essential?

Like a car, each system needs an Air Conditioning service to keep the units running at optimum safe levels. Over time your Air Conditioning system will lose efficiency as filters will become clogged, thus making the system and the components work harder. If neglected this could lead to more serious problems like a breakdown of the unit and repairs needed. A preventative maintenance agreement from Delta House can eliminate a lot of these issues by our engineers regularly checking and cleaning your units to maintain optimum efficiency and avoid breakdowns or repairs.

Summary of Air Conditioning maintenance

  • Keep the unit safe and efficient. An optimum efficient unit works less to heat or cool thus reducing energy needed and reducing costs
  • Increases the lifespan of the Air Conditioning system lifespan
  • Regular inspection and cleans can reduce chance of a breakdown

In what areas do we provide Air Conditioning maintenance?

Delta House provides Air Conditioning maintenance in London and the South East of England.


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