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Air Source Heat Pumps are the latest and most advanced renewable energy heating system on the market. The use of Air Source Heat Pumps as a replacement for conventional gas boilers is ever growing with building developers of new build housing and commercial properties now opting to install them. Delta House is certified Air Source Heat Pump installers with most of the main manufacturers including Samsung and Panasonic.


What are the benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps?

Increased efficiency and reduced costs 

Air Source Heat Pumps can be more than 3 times more efficient than a traditional boiler. For each 1kW of electricity consumed by the Heat Pump will generate 3kW to 5kW of heat energy. This compared to a conventional boiler that uses 1kW on energy and provides about 1kW of heat energy. Air Source Heat Pumps are much more efficient with the energy used, thus reducing the cost of heating your home.

Lower carbon emissions

Helps reduce your home's carbon emissions by being much more efficient with the electricity it uses and its fuel to warm your home or water is the air outside.

Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI)

This is a UK Government scheme introduced to provide financial incentives to commercial buildings and now domestic homes to install new renewable energy heat sources.


How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

An Air Source Heat Pump unit placed outside of your property, usually at the back or side, and from here absorbs the heat from the air. The unit then increases the temperature of the absorbed warm air and pumps it into the building to then be used for radiators, under floor heating and even to heat the water.

What areas do we provide Air Source Heat Pump installation?

Delta House are Air Source Heat Pump installers for London and the South East.


Why choose Delta House as your Air Source Heat Pump installers?

  • Friendly, safe and well trained engineers
  • We can provide our services at a time to suit you to cause the least disruption to your work or home
  • Free site survey and consultation
  • Certified Heat Pump installers of all major brands

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